For the athlete, by the athlete

A unified & discoverable Marketplace authenticated by the creator.

Personal corner is the first unified marketplace, created by athletes for their fans. We bring you collections curated directly by athletes and influencers with the sole intent of building a community with you the fans!

Personal Corner aims to position itself as the go to unified marketplace for all personally branded items both physical and digital of the largest names of influence in sports, entertainment, music, artistry and more.

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Personal Corner

For the athlete, by the athlete.
For the influencer, by the influencer.
For the Fans.

Our mission is to help Athletes and influencers control their likeness through blockchain technology while bringing value to their fans.

Personal Corner is about community building where Athletes, Investors, Fans, can connect on levels only blockchain technology can provide.

While NFTs are centric to our mission they are just a snapshot of what Personal Corner will bring, we hope that this can be an open and inviting place for all those who wish to take that next step into the digital age.

Read on to learn more about the mission of Personal Corner.

Personal Corner

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